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>From an annual global production of 78 MILLION TONNES of plastic just,  

14% is recycled.

>>From this 14%, only 8% is cascaded into new usage*

       >>> CASC8 is part of these 8%


Casc8 was born out of the desire to create something useful from the waste we produce as humans today.

Plastic waste dominates the landscape in Gujarat, Northwest India, where most plastic trash gets burnt out in the open releasing toxic fumes or like in so many other places, ends up getting dumped into the ocean. 

As a reaction to the damaging situation, a small-scale socio economic initiative was started by a group of artisan women: They collect, segregate, wash and strip neglected plastic, which they then weave on traditional framed wooden looms, ultimately turning waste into a strong and useful material. A skill easily taught to neo-weavers.

While they respond to an increasing destruction of the environment, it’s also a way of preserving traditional craft and culture which generates an income on various levels for locals.

Casc8 is in collaboration with the artisans creating designs, which finally are sculpted into handcrafted bags, combining the plastic with other upcycled materials from factories and companies surplus stock. This part of the process is done from a Copenhagen based studio by the founder of Casc8, Sara Terp, who is a Central St Martins graduate and who has previously worked at Céline.

The ‘one-off’ products each tell a story about how plastic waste weaving has the potential to recycle some of the plastic trash floating around while spreading a message about the bleak reality of our destructive consumer habits.


*“New plastic economy : rethinking the future of plastics” report by Ellen Macarthur Foundation.